Старый новый год картинки

Старый новый год картинки

Fight gravity. Or go with it. When you’re rock climbing, it’s really OK to fall. The harnesses, anchors and safety ropes will catch you. That’s why, wherever you’re finding your handholds—an indoor climbing gym, a boulder, or a 14,000-foot-peak—the right gear makes all the difference. Along with a climbing buddy you can trust. Indeed, summits are better shared. Let this collection get your career as a rock star off the ground. Time to put on your game face. The big job interview is today. But in the morning mirror, all you see is a groggy guy with a five o’clock shadow. Perk up. Quickly. Your day calls for a shiny smiling mug with clean cheeks. So out comes the shaving kit and a fine razor. Add a splash of soothing lotion, and boom—a clean kisser. Today’s first impression will be skin deep, and these hydrating helpers will let you put your best face forward.

Старый новый год картинки

Skin: the ultimate multi-tasker. In addition to maintaining your body temperature and allowing you to feel, it’s also the body’s fiercest protector. No wonder people have been caring for it since the beginning of time. Take the ancient Greeks. They rubbed olive oil on their skin as a moisturizer. Or the Egyptians, who took baths in milk and honey for softer skin. Because we don’t expect your beauty routine to involve food products, here’s a more modern collection for the skin you’re in. This collection is designed with a man’s bedroom in mind. Using shapes with clean lines, a basic color palette, and a variety of textures, a room like this would feel masculine while still maintaining the softness and warmth that is desired in a bedroom. When it comes to make up, my motto is less is more. I tend to gravitate towards a more natural looking colors and textures. In general, I skip foundation all together and apply just a tiny bit under my eyes and into the crease around my nose. Next, I apply just a bit of blush on the apples of my cheeks. Reason why I like the cream blush from Tom Ford is because the colors comes out looking very soft and natural. A big fan of cat-eyes, I normally use a liquid liner or a black pencil to draw a line just on the top lid, extending the eye liner beyond the outer corners to achieve the cat-eye look. I follow with 2 coats of mascara to achieve a really full-looking eye lashes. Finally, I like to apply lipstick or lip gloss with my finger instead of a brush, this way the products looks much more natural and seems to stay on longer. Wear it with your A-line skirt, this season’s leather pieces, or your bright coats. A must for women who say «purrr!» Tall and tan. Young and lovely. That classic bossa nova portrait of “The Girl From Ipanema” captures all the sexy sun and fun of a day at the beach. While we Americans are donning down jackets and wool hats, the Brazilian coast is full of people wearing very little, and wearing it well. It may be hard not to feel jealous when you run your eyes across this sun-kissed collection of beachwear and accessories. Maybe it’s time for a holiday trip south of the equator. Here’s everything you need to go dig your toes in the sand.

Brazil is a country of curves. The sweep of the coastline. The break of a peaking wave. The curves of dancing bodies. If you could see the tropical breeze with a naked eye, it would probably be curvy too. Even the buildings in this vibrant country shy away from straight lines. Brazil’s famed Mid-Century Modernists were known for playful designs and outside-the-box buildings. Take home some of the color, curves and cool of Rio with this well-rounded collection.

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